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Feeling Sick And Tired All The Time? Check These 5 Signs You Could Have An Underactive Thyroid

Scientists estimate that around 10 million Americans suffer from hypothyroidism, and up to 10% of women may have some form of thyroid deficiency. If you're feeling perpetually under the weather lately, it may be worth considering whether this common condition could be affecting your health.

1. Your Digestive System Hates You

Untreated hypothyroidism causes the body's digestive tract to slow down and take longer to process the food you eat. This means you're more likely to suffer indigestion as your stomach continues to produce acid to break down meals long after you've eaten them. The slowness also tends to cause constipation, even in patients who drink plenty of water and eat a modest amount of fiber.  

2. Your Cholesterol Stays High No Matter What

Another side effect of digestive troubles caused by an underactive thyroid is a perpetually high cholesterol reading, even in people who consume low-cholesterol diets in an effort to bring their numbers down. If you can't seem to reduce your cholesterol readings no matter what you do, then a weakly-functioning thyroid may be the culprit.

3. It's Hard To Lose Weight, But You Have No Appetite

Hypothyroidism is associated with modest weight gain in most patients, but paradoxically it also causes a loss of appetite for many. This leads to a seemingly impossible situation where you rarely eat, but still gain weight, usually due to inactivity. Some patients gain as much as 30 pounds prior to receiving treatment for their condition.

4. You Feel Trapped In The Fog

Patients diagnosed with hypothyroidism or other conditions that cause underactive thyroid often experience depression as a primary symptom. An accompanying state of mental confusion, often referred to as "brain fog" is common, too. Patients suffering from brain fog report that they have difficulty remembering everyday information and trouble concentrating on normal activities.

5. You're Always Tired

Because hypothyroidism slows down your metabolism and lowers your appetite, your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs to keep up a normal level of energy. For many sufferers, this causes them to feel perpetually exhausted. You may feel unable to keep up physical activity like you once did, or you might be prone to periods of sleepiness that make it difficult to stay awake all day.

If you're experiencing several of these common symptoms, it may be time to see a doctor. Hypothyroidism is usually easy to diagnose with a simple blood test, and you could begin treatment in a matter of days. With replacement thyroid hormone, you just might get the zip back in your step, reduce your cholesterol, and shed unwanted weight once and for all. To learn more, speak with a business like Broadway Medical Clinic, LLP.