Choosing Better Medical Insurance

How Can Medical Insurance Plans Benefit Healthy Adults?

Medical insurance plans cover more than illnesses and injuries. Most plans also include some level of well-care benefits. Take a look at how you can use private medical insurance services when you're healthy.

Annual Check-Up

You feel fine. Does that mean you can skip the doctor's visit? Even though you're healthy now, staying in top shape requires preventive care. An annual check-up provides you with the chance to discuss health concerns and lifestyle factors (such as diet and exercise) with a medical provider.

Preventative Tests

A yearly check-up also includes a full exam and, depending on your needs, some diagnostic tests. This reduces health risks and may give the doctor a chance to spot chronic conditions before you experience serious symptoms or other issues. What types of tests are necessary during an annual well visit? The answer depends on your overall health, age, health history, and what the doctor recommends. Most plans cover screening tests. Consult your individual healthcare plan for a full list of covered tests and how much of the cost you're responsible for. Common routine diagnostic tests for adults include cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, and colorectal cancer screening. Women require some specialized diagnostic tests regularly, such as pap smears and (depending on age) a mammogram.

Men also have their own diagnostic needs. Male patients (depending on age) may need a PSA blood test. This test screens for a specific protein produced by the prostate gland and is used to help diagnose prostate cancer. Other tests, such as for Hepatitis A, B, or C, some sexually transmitted diseases, and thyroid function, are also routine screenings some patients may need.

Immunizations as Needed

Are you up to date on your tetanus vaccine? What about other immunizations? While you may have had all the necessary childhood immunizations, some vaccines require a booster or (like the flu shot) are annual. Your insurance may also cover vaccinations for potentially dangerous diseases. Vaccination coverage may vary by carrier. Talk to your medical insurance provider about what and how much is covered before you get vaccinated. If your insurance company doesn't cover a necessary vaccination, you don't necessarily have to skip it. Some community, healthcare, local government, or public health-related organizations offer reduced cost vaccinations, to stop the spread of disease.

Are you a healthy adult? If you answered yes, medical insurance plans offer benefits you need to stay this way. From annual doctor's check-ups and screenings to immunizations, your plan may cover preventative services and much more.