A Quick Guide to Mandatory and Voluntary Benefits

In recent years, concerns about the availability and usability of benefits, such as health, life, and dental insurance, have become increasingly rampant. The line between mandatory and voluntary benefits has become blurred, and surprising options are now provided by some employers. Therefore, it will be helpful to understand the basis of both types of benefits. Understanding Mandatory Benefits Mandatory benefits refer to the different types of insurance that the federal government believes every full-time worker in the United States is entitled to. [Read More]

Why You Should Consider A PEO Partnership For Your New Or Small Business

New and small businesses should consider partnering with a professional employer organization. When you're overseeing a handful of people, it seems easy enough to run their payroll and fill out their employee forms yourself. However, here are a few things that may start happening: A handful of employees will turn into a few handfuls Employees will start demanding better access to their payroll data Employee health and wellness issues will increase Employees will start demanding more comprehensive benefits Employees will want auxiliary benefits (401k, life insurance, dental, etc. [Read More]